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From the green lighting of movies and TV series, through to measuring the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, we provide audience data solutions for the media, creative and project financing functions in the theatric and streaming industries.

What we do

We harness our owned community of 250k+ verified heavy theatric and streaming consumers within our consumer entertainment platform, Popcorn.

Using advanced psychometric techniques alongside AI and data science we can identify who the persuadable group for a specific title is, as well as measure the true non-conscious motivations of these movie and TV lovers.

As a result, we can answer any question you may have about a specific title or TV series. Understand who your potential audience is and how to find and attract them. Drive movie ticket purchase or subscription sign-ups. We work with Movie Studios, Streamers, Influencers and Creative and Media Agencies.

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Media Optimisation

Our media audience insights dashboard unlocks a rich, psychometric understanding of an audience across multiple dimensions from detailed demographics to comp performance profiles to over-indexed media addressable audiences.

We deliver direct data feeds and buyable audience mechanisms to allow you to precisely target segments across programmatic and walled garden media.

Our title and TV-series specific research uncovers the most effective leverage points, positionings and motivators to inform highly sophisticated media strategies.

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LA super-cluster of high frequency moviegoers

Creative Optimisation

With less than 10% of all digital ads being consumed for longer than a single second, it is critical to optimise short-form content by audience and by channel. One size does not fit all.

Our digital creative testing method allows us to analyse the impact of short-form exposures in real world environments using very large panel sizes, advanced psychometrics and sophisticated AI, allowing us to deliver scoring on a shot by shot and line by line basis

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Crowdsourced Streaming Trailers

Our preview footage selection gateway allows streaming services to use real-time audience response to generate optimal preview trailers.

By combining AI and crowdsourced psychometric feedback, our process far more effectively discovers which footage is most likely to attract content consumption.

By leveraging the power of 250k+ active monthly users, Fanbox can process large volumes of footage swiftly and deliver back preview trailers through its gateway automatically to your internal systems.

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The psychometric content rearrangement map for a popular LGBT+ sitcom preview trailer

Box Office & Audience Modelling

Our audience modelling services support data driven decisions from the greenlighting and budgeting process to the planning of media budgets and marketing strategies.

We build robust models by combining our subscription database of purchase patterns, movie and show preferences and detailed demographics with title specific response data from primary research with selected subscribers from our owned community, Popcorn.

Audience segmentation, convertibility and scenario exploration are delivered through rich interactive models and expert consultancy.

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Segmented ticket purchase model for title released early 2023 based on concept test in 2020.

What makes us unique

The quality and depth of our data moves us beyond interesting insights, loose personas and broad generalisations to provide the robust and detailed data deliverables needed to drive truly data driven decision making.

Through our fan platform Popcorn we own an audience of 250k+ verified heavy theatric and streaming consumers.

Through advanced psychometrics we measure the true unconscious motivations capable of driving meaningful behaviors like ticket purchase or subscription sign up.

Through continuous measurement and ongoing relationship with our audience we have built rich, clean and coherent 1st Party data which we can enhance on demand with IP/title specific research.

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Network of movie preference relationships for Hispanic male 18-35 audience


We are currently collaborating with the top influencers within the movie and streaming show space, but also in related areas such as family, gaming, beauty and lifestyle.

Our mission is to develop interactive content formats that grow and engage your core fanbase.

Through our Popcorn platform we also provide tools for building owned relationships with your fans and lifting your RPM and sponsorship rates well above the industry norms.

If you want to find out more get in touch.

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Interlocking fanbases around top 10 movie influencers on YouTube


We are a multidisciplinary group of creative scientists, technologists, psychologists and problem-solvers working collaboratively at the cutting edge.

We are currently looking for AI engineers, video pipeline developers, scalable data systems engineers, psychometricists and computational neuroscientists to join our team.

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Psychometric map of audience response to the 2022 release of a major action franchise